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    Did you know that Colbie Caillat tried out for American Idol twice and was rejected both times? The second time she auditioned, she sang her song Bubbly and was rejected once again. However, later her song would peak at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100! Check out Coblie Caillat's song Bubbly Here...

    Colbie Caillat Bubbly

  • Colbie Caillat I Do


    I Do was released as Colbie Caillat's first single from the album All Of You that was released in February, 2011. I Do, according to Caillat, speaks about marriage and taking the next step in the dating world. The song is vibrant, passionate and upbeat. Take a look at the song I Do by clicking on the link below. 

    Colbie Caillat I Do

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Colbie Caillat Biography

Colbie Caillat BiographyWhere was Colbie Caillat Born? 

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Breakthrough was released in August 2009. The first single "Fallin For You" was a instant hit and reached #12 in Billboard Hot 100. Breakthrough was also nominated for Best Vocal Album at the 52nd Grammy Awards. 


Colbie Caillat's album Coco was released in 2007 and her hit single "Bubbly" hit #5 onBillboard Hot 100! Just a year latter in 2008 Caillat recorded a duo with Jason Mraz called Lucky


All of you is the third album released by Colbie Caillat. In her interview with Billboard she said "I still incorporate all the styles that I love that were on Breakthrough and Coco, but it's a new chapter,”