Colbie Caillat Before I Let You Go

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25 thoughts on “Colbie Caillat Before I Let You Go

  1. how come i can’t exactly define what i’m feeling and then i listened to
    this song then viola! Colbie knows exactly what i’m feeling…

  2. Story of my life… I finally found someone who understands me-Colbie
    Caillat —- like this is EXCALLY what is happening to me-every song-im
    instantly inlove with Colbie’s songs <3

  3. I love this song. But I just have to wonder…. Did she ever stop to think
    what it’s like to be on the GIRLS side? She’s probably hurt too. Just
    saying. I feel like girls hardly ever care about how other girls feel,
    especially when it comes to guys. Trust me, it’s not that easy being on the
    other side. In a lot of cases, it hurts too. And that’s as far as I’m going
    to go before I get really upset.

  4. so this guy and me used to be best friends…then he got a girlfriend and
    didnt talk to me anymore…but he glances at me though and at first they
    seemed…empty…but lately they’re full of confusion…then i lost my
    ring…the next day i saw him wearing it…i was so shocked i didnt know
    what to say to him to get it back…then today he wasnt wearing it…and
    now idk what to think.

  5. I have something like that too, a boy I really love gave me butterflies for
    the first time in my life but back then he was with his girlfriend for 6
    months, and I was the first one who made him doubt about his relationship
    .. and when she found out about me and him she broke up with him and he
    fought for her so hard but she’s not treating him right at all, getting mad
    about nothing and stuff. Now I gotta let him go, and its killing me ..
    Cause I know he still has feelings for me too.

  6. So… She shattered his already broken heart. HE isnt over her even though
    its been 4 months after she broke up with him. For the SECOND time (bitch.
    I dont see how im still friends with her) He likes me. He might even love
    me. But Ive waited so long. I dont know what I should do. I need to let him
    go. Ive tried and tried for the past year. I just can’t. :I

  7. Last year me and this guy were best friends.(I love him) This year he didnt
    seem to be talking to me as much. I finally told him about this and he
    reacted badly. we didnt talk for 5 months. He got a girlfrind(they’re
    broken up now) Eventually i got up the nerve to ask him to be frinds again.
    We are back on track but things are still kind of …….not right between
    us. Its really sad because we will be attending different high schools next
    year and i might never see him again.

  8. I remember not wanting to let my ex-boyfriend go… But he was practically
    a slave to his best friend/ex-girlfriend while we were dating. He chose her
    over me, after he was saying that I was his soul mate. I broke up with him
    before he could hurt me even more… But now I realized he made my life
    terrible… After every break up, we’re getting closer to the one we’re
    meant to be with :)

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