Colbie Caillat Droplets

Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves ‘Droplets’Shot at night on a bluff overlooking the Beach in Malibu, Colbie and Jason wanted to return to where they had written the song to make a simple music video for the song

25 thoughts on “Colbie Caillat Droplets

  1. Wow! Love this. I met her once at the Late Show with David Letterman and
    she signed my cd. She’s beautiful in person.

  2. Bonjour à tous. J’ai remarqué avec étonnement qu’aucune page FACEBOOK
    française n’était consacrée à Jason et à sa musique, c’est pour cela que
    j’ai décidé de la créer. Je pense que tous les fans français seront
    d’accord sur ce point : Jason Reeves n’est pas assez (re)connu dans notre
    pays, et c’est peut être à nous d’y remédier : rejoignez nous sur Facebook
    : Jason Reeves France. Merci à tous, faites grandir la popularité de Jason,
    ici, chez nous. Enfin!

  3. wow, I saw this video so long ago and didn’t recognize it on
    Breakthrough…it is beautiful both ways, but the recording really brought
    out the best in the song and their voices…love this!:)

  4. love it…. after sooo long this one is still one of my favorite, and thats
    it`s live… just make it soooo much greater

  5. Let’s all beg them on twitter, fb, etc! They need to release it! If not
    professionally, at least as a free download or whatever. Whos up to
    begging? 😀

  6. Dam I remember when there was like a few hundred views on this, so glad she
    didn’t release this version on her breakthrough album, only real fans will
    know this ‘ raw underground piece” 

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