Colbie Caillat Mistletoe

Colbie Caillat – MistletoeIt’s my first work.
Fruit of my support and love to Cc!
Hope you all enjoy it, especially this Christmas..
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all and to Colbie!

I do not claim to own all of the pictures
(especially Colbie’s) and the music used.
Images used other than Cc’s were from;;

6 thoughts on “Colbie Caillat Mistletoe

  1. to say this: ”it’s not christmas if the snow don’t fall” is totally wrong
    well, i mean for me! maybe being in US or Canada yeah maybe could be, but
    for me it’s really different 😉 but anyway has passed 2 days since december
    has ended so.. this is so refreshing 🙂 thx anyway!

  2. paradoxally she have a christmas album called “christmas in the sand”!
    jaja, look on plixid, typing her name

  3. you made my day christmas in the sand? jajajajjaja! she likes to make the
    things funnier i think xd i believe you 😀

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