Colbie Caillat The Christmas Song

Colbie Caillat – MistletoeEnjoy ­čÖé
No copyright infringement intended. This song is not mine. it belongs to the artist and respective record company.

25 thoughts on “Colbie Caillat The Christmas Song

  1. Probably one of my favorite songs by her. She’s such a great singer, she’s
    amazing live too. This is the perfect song for this time of year ­čÖé Merry
    Christmas all.

  2. Wow what another wonderful Christmas song. Just dont hear it enough on the
    radio. Come on I heart radio , you guys need to play this song during the

  3. So in the evening whEN MAR IS SI ASSUME RI, to this I say right. heart ache
    is bearing and dra t o de test. Like a dramatic account of drag. I love you
    is not the words this winter It’s fucking cold. If you smiled atleast yuour
    hearts warm. Coffee a hint of cocoa and well muh luv ya. bye!

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  5. I would assume the first line (“Great fake plastic Mistletoe”) I could be
    wrong though!

  6. she’s pissed because her boyfriend would rather spend time with his friends
    than with her, i can relate!´╗┐

  7. Heard this in the shop while Christmas shopping, made me smile so much, I
    must have blinded the salesman´╗┐

  8. What a warm perfect pitch song. Gives me the chills . Just taped my
    daughter and wife making Christmas Italian Lasagna using this song as a
    background. At the end of the day making memories is what Christmas is all

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