Colbie Caillat Oxygen

Oxygen – Colbie Caillat (lyrics)The song Oxygen by Colbie Caillat with lyrics. NOT MY SONG, OR LYRICS. I DON’T OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO.
Requested by drea12301994.

25 thoughts on “Colbie Caillat Oxygen

  1. @msfifi411 if that guy doesn’t know that girl exists, obviously she needs
    to start talking to him.

  2. I honestly think I’m falling for my best friend. We met a few years ago,
    and I had a huge crush, but that kind of drifted away, but then we got
    really close, and we talk about lots of stuff, and I think I might really
    be falling for him, but I have no idea if he feels the same! I can’t do
    anything to ruin our friendship. I’d die if he wasn’t there for me, but I
    don’t know what to do with this either. Advice, please!

  3. @MusicRockz15 he’ll realize that you’re always there for him, when you are,
    and appreciate u for it and maybe realize that ur awesome! 8D lol xD np

  4. Whoa!! Those are my favourite 3 singers too!! Its like I just wrote that.
    We must have the exact same taste! I couldnt say it better myself!!!

  5. You should just tell him how you feel. You never know, if you two are that
    close, he might already like you as much as you like him, but he’s too shy
    to tell you. 😀

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