Colbie Caillat Gypsy Heart


Gypsy Heart Side A (EP) – Colbie Caillat

Title of EP: Gypsy Heart Side A.
Artist: Colbie Caillat.
Release date: 09/06/2014.
Genre: Pop.
Label: Republic Records.
Tracks: 5.

1.Live It Up – Colbie Caillat
2.Blaze – Colbie Caillat
3.If You Love Me Let Me Go – Colbie Caillat
4.Try – Colbie Caillat
5.Never Gonna Let You Down – Colbie Caillat


8 thoughts on “Colbie Caillat Gypsy Heart

  1. Thanks for uploading these songs. These songs are a real departure from
    her style. I’ve always loved Colbie for her acoustic sound with real
    instruments and simple production, but these songs sound more electronic
    and over-produced.

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