Colbie Caillat Try

Colbie Caillat ‘Try’ Lyric Video [OFFICIAL]Download ‘Try’ free Taken from the new EP ‘Gypsy Heart’ out now

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  1. Mani @ 2:04 .. Camz @ 3:15 ..Lolo @ 3:24 … Allypoo @ 3:41 .. no dinah :/
    4/5 sunshines .. my babiesss.. :’)

  2. Take your makeup off, let you hair down, take a breath, look into the
    mirror at yourself, don’t you like you? Cause’ I like you.. 🙂
    #colbiecaillatgypsyheartsidea #try #colbiecaillat 

  3. Our friend +Colbie Caillat just released the lyric video for her new single
    “Try” off her new Gypsy Heart – Side A EP. Check it out. 

  4. You voice is so sweet <3 Harmonizer, but listening a whole song <3 It's
    "We are not alone with our insecurities" - Such a great quote!
    "You don't have to try"

  5. I hardly wear makeup,only on special occasions,i don’t like the confinement
    of having anything on my face.

  6. I’m so glad the picture I submitted wasn’t included. That makes me feel

  7. Put your make up on
    Get your nails done
    Curl your hair
    Run the extra mile, keep it slim
    So they like you
    Do they like you?
    Take your makeup off
    Let your hair down
    Take a breath
    Look into the mirror, at yourself
    Don’t you like you?
    Cause I like you. 🙂


    MY GOD! +Colbie Caillat Are you heartbeat (Jessie J’s fan)? 

  9. when i listen to this song it just reminds me that i dont have to try to
    be people friend becouse they are onley going to let you down and the onley
    friend you will ever have is yourself

  10. Big fan of Colbie but I’m tired of this horseshit from women blaming men
    for their insecurities. It’s women who place all value on outward
    appearance and all value on their bodies. It’s women who are getting
    thousands of Instagram followers by using their bodies to get what they
    want. They did it long before video, or social media. They’ve always done
    it. Manipulate men to get what they want. From the minute they can they
    start trying to alter their appearance to get more attention. Men are not
    doing this to them, they do it to themselves. It’s always women who are
    wanted by a few billion people who start crying about this crap too. “They
    want me to do this, that, blah, blah.” They can want it all day, they
    can’t force you to. Colbie got famous on her own with YouTube, she doesn’t
    need a record label or media machine behind her, nobody does anymore. Self
    made. This is garbage. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their
    crap. Take some freaking responsibility. 

  11. I keep coming back for encouragement! I so love this song!! Thank you for
    writing it and sharing it with the world Colbie!

  12. I love the meaning of this song! We don’t need makeup to show that we are
    beautiful and graceful as unicorn (or angels if you prefer).

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